Psychotherapy is a deeply personal exploration of the ways in which your past is impacting your present.

In this supportive, safe, and confidential space we work together to uncover, work through, accept, and resolve emotional issues that may be holding you back from living a life of happiness and meaning.

Psychotherapy can build confidence, hope, vitality, and improve your overall health and well-being. It can help you clarify your goals and assist you with developing new strategies to live life in a manner that is fulfilling and congruent with your value system. During psychotherapy, I offer feedback that you can use to see your problems with greater insight, understanding, and compassion. This process often acts as a catalyst for positive change.

Whether you’re a teen, an adult, an older adult, a couple, or a family, I believe that what matters most is that you don’t suffer (especially in isolation); master your problems and live life with meaning.

Areas of expertise

Addiction and substance abuse: Drugs can cunningly hijack the brain and wreak havoc on physical and mental health, relationships, employment, and can lead to legal problems. While recovery may be an arduous journey, my goal is to motivate addicts to remain sober, and teach them to cope with cravings, avoid triggers, and replace negative thoughts so they can persevere through any challenge that living life on life’s terms presents.

Older adults: Many older adults have become disenchanted with their “golden years” as they face unwelcome changes in physical abilities, loss of independence, chronic or acute health issues, and death of loved ones. My goal is to ease older adults’ (and their family members’) adjustment to this new reality by helping them work through these changes in order to find purpose and joy in their lives.