The Choice is Yours

I have been thinking about the concept of freedom since Independence Day.  I don’t mean freedom in the sense of civil liberties protected by the Constitution (though I believe those are important); I’m talking about freedom in the way we … Continue reading

Have We Been Traumatized?

June is Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Month and, given recent events in our country, this topic couldn’t be more timely. After three months of news dominated by COVID-19, we were suddenly struck by horrific images of police officers snuffing … Continue reading

Time for a Mental Health Check-Up?

May is national Mental Health Awareness Month, so what better time for a mental health check-up! But, what exactly is good mental health?  And, how do we know when we’ve achieved it? Mental health is the foundation for enjoying a balanced … Continue reading

Getting Through this Together

Unexpectedly, everyone’s lives have changed.  Fear and anxiety about the coronavirus pandemic and the ways it is affecting our families, communities, and businesses can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children alike.  The challenges we are facing are … Continue reading

Know Thy Conflict

Have you ever met the “perfect couple?”  You know, the ones that always look happy and appear to be totally in-sync with one another.  You think they can’t possibly fight because they’re perfect together.  Well, guess what?  All couples have … Continue reading