The True Joy of the Season

In addition to the many joys of the winter holiday season, the holidays can trigger all kinds of expectations, disappointments, stresses, and pressures for couples.  For example, it’s possible that you are frustrated because your partner refuses to attend your … Continue reading

Say Yes to Requests

Last month we talked about the 5:1 ratio of positivity to negativity that is vital to healthy relationships.  I hope you were able to conduct your own personal experiment with this information.  What did you learn about yourself and your … Continue reading

The Ratio for Lasting Love

For the past several months we have been talking about some of the pitfalls that can happen in romantic relationships.  Perhaps you’ve been saying to yourself, “Sheesh! It’s enough of the downers, Lauren!  Tell me what makes relationships successful already!” … Continue reading

Keys to Reengaging with Your Love

Over the past several months we’ve been discussing the red flags that John Gottman identified in his research that indicate distressed relationships.  Today we’ll be ending this series with the fifth and final indicator, which is often the death knell … Continue reading

Prioritizing Love

This month we’re going to talk about a relationship destroying tactic that I wish didn’t exist: belligerence.  Belligerence, as I mentioned last month, is a close cousin to contempt.  It is another powerful predictor of divorce because it erodes trust, … Continue reading