Don’t Give up on Your Goals

February has just begun and already I’m hearing people say that they aren’t keeping up with their New Year’s Resolutions.  When I ask people why they’ve given up on their goal already they usually tell me that they have become discouraged because they can’t keep up with the high bar that they have set for them self. When I hear this disappointing account, my advice is always the same: Don’t give up on your goal!  Take a step back, reevaluate and reformulate the goal to make it more achievable.  Start with smaller goals to build momentum and confidence, and work up to a harder or bigger goal.  

For example, rather than the goal of “lose 20 pounds” (which is a pretty tough goal for many people), start with a smaller and more achievable goal, like “avoid desserts three times this week”.   Observe your ability to succeed, monitor your response to achievement or struggle, and set a new goal when you’re ready.  Remember your goal may be too difficult and you may need to take a step back to ensure achievement.  A next step might be “avoid desserts twice this week” or “avoid desserts five times this week.”  Either way, you’re still working toward your bigger goal. 

Give it a try.  Think of something you’ve been wanting to accomplish but have put off or gave up on.  Determine a small step you are willing to take to get started.  Tell someone trustworthy who you will be accountable to and give your goal a try.  See if you can build momentum with small goals that will not only lead you to your bigger goal, but will increase your confidence and self-esteem as you focus on your successes rather than your failures.  

Good luck with your goal and let me know how your progress goes!